Word Craze Level 558 Answers

Word Craze Level 558 Answers . After solving every single question of Word Craze, now we will provide you at this website the entire solution of it. Please feel free to send us a comment below, if you are stuck at any level and cant find the right solution. Word Craze will evaluate your logical think ability, reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity. Try to solve every single crossword question on your own, without any help. If you are stuck and can’t find the right solution, then you can come back to our website for the correct answer. Have fun and enjoy your time.

Word Craze Level 558 Answers

  • _ Douglass became a national leader of the abolitionist movement after escaping slavery
  • Clerical work of inputting information into the computer via typing or recording
  • A type of bird as well as a throat-related motion
  • To hit the nail _ _ _ is to be exactly right
  • Describes these pairs of words: bat (the animal) bat (baseball); mail/male; made/maid
  • This country is home to Africa’s highest mountain and the Serengeti
  • Wild rush by a herd of frightened animals
  • Simon de _ is French writer who wrote the classic feminist literature The Second Sex
  • _ on Top is similar in meaning to Icing on the Cake
  • What is being indicated by this sign?
  • Summary of what will be covered in a course
  • Light technology which brought Tupac to life at Coachella in 2012
  • Here you will find the entire solution of Word Craze: Word Craze Answers.

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